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| "Everybody will be able to take care of themselves if I give everybody       |
| enough information"                                                          |
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|                                ~ Aajonus Vonderplanitz, LA, April 4th, 2011. |
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# 2021-02-12

Sections "Remedies", "Recipes" and "Foods" are now removed, they weren't worked
on anyway, but now a more good-looking alternative appeared:
Site is made by an old acquaintance of mine, good stuff.

# 2020-11-11

Added new Q&A section with full Q&A sessions audios trascribed, with

# 2020-11-07

Along with the reup, today the site design has been changed to look and navigate
a bit better.

On the other note, there has also been a recent resurgence of new Aajonus
materials shared from different sources. Some new interviews, lectures, etc.
I am not willing to replace a perfectly good torrent a lot of people have shared
already. It has 10+ reliable seeds, and it would be a hassle to find all those
people to replace it, maybe somebody even shared it on other sites. Point is -
we have decided to make another torrent file "aajonus2.torrent", which we will
compile and add to it all the new info we have as of today. Any other new
additions will also be shared this way, by making a new torrent and putting it
on the site. If you have any new info on Aajonus, please contact us at at gmail dot com.
God bless you all, and we wish you splendid health :)

# 2020-11-05

Aajonus dot online is finally up. On the recent updates, see Coronavirus.

# 2020-05-14

Ebrahim has finally released his video recording of Aajonus, it's not
included in the torrent file, so for now watch it on
If it is ever to be taken off of youtube, i will update the torrent.
If you want to download the video use this link:

# 2020-04-23

New simpler site design.

Aajonus Collection is now on bittorrent, this makes it decentralized.
You can help keep it alive by seeding.

# 2020-03-30

Added topic about oxalates.

# 2020-03-24

Added relevant PDN articles.

                                  contact email: at gmail dot com